While chasing trails, The Chain Bulletin’s investigative team claims to have found the city he lived in.

One of the greatest mysteries of the Bitcoin community is the whereabouts of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. A new investigation reveals new details about the city he was living in when he created the digital currency.

When Satoshi Nakamoto started the Bitcoin project publicly, the first phase was the publication of the Whitepaper. Last October, for example, some famous people congratulated Bitcoin on 12 years of the paper.

However, Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity still follows a mystery. Some people, of course, prefer it to remain a mystery, but not everyone is satisfied.

After the launch of the Bitcoin network in January 2009, Satoshi remained involved in the project for a short time. This is because, since April 2011, there are no more signs of Satoshi Nakamoto’s activities on the internet.

Research into the activities of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, points to the country he lived in while working on currency

Who is the person behind „Satoshi Nakamoto“? I’m sorry not to help you now, but that is the million dollar question for many in the Bitcoin community. With an identity never revealed, Satoshi could have at least left some traces on the internet.

In pursuing these trails, The Chain Bulletin’s investigative team claims to have found the city he lived in. Such a location would refer to the period in which Satoshi was creating Bitcoin, i.e. between 2008 and 2011.


To carry out the search, the site used the following data:

  • Satoshi’s Bitcointalk account (539 posts available)
  • Your 34 emails on the encryption and Bitcoin lists
  • Your 169 SourceForge commits
  • The metadata of the 2008 and 2009 Bitcoin whitepaper versions
  • The Genesis block
  • Various Wayback Machine files

The team of analysts focused on analysing activities in five main locations. That would be them: Australia, Japan, the US Pacific, the Eastern US and the UK. According to the investigation, the first two options were easily discarded.

Satoshi Nakamoto lived in London while creating Bitcoin

In other words, the two options left over from the US and the UK, on which the team concentrated its efforts. In the simple analysis of the posts made in its forum, BitcoinTalk, the Time Zone of the posts was evaluated. However, the analysts were unable to identify Satoshi’s origin in this way.

The experts still confronted the data with the Satoshi user at SourceForge. Again the data proved to be identical, however, without confirming the origin of the creator of Bitcoin.

When analyzing Satoshi’s email exchange with the cypherpunks mailing list, again little data proved to be relevant. Nevertheless, it was confirmed that there was no chance that Satoshi had worked on Bitcoin through Japan or Australia.

Mystery was getting bigger, until analysts found interesting elements

When the first Bitcoin block was mined, the so-called Genesis Block, a message was left by Satoshi. The message was the cover of a magazine, The Times, with the call „Chancellor on the verge of the second bank rescue“. The publication was what caught the researchers‘ attention.

That’s because, the title as left on the block came out only in „The Times“ printed newspaper. On The Times‘ website, too, the title of the article had the chancellor’s name on it, i.e. it was different.

The cover then would be the key that the researchers may have used to unravel the mystery. Since The Times‘ printed newspaper did not circulate in the US, only in the UK, Satoshi Nakamoto may have created Europe’s Bitcoin, The Chain Bulletin researchers said.

The only caveat made by the study is that the original whitepaper contains metadata in the PDF file shared by Satoshi. In this file, the researchers from The Chain Bulletin found the US time zone (UTC-7). In other words, Satoshi may have created the US paper.

Finally, there is doubt whether Satoshi Nakamoto may have had help creating the PDF from someone in the US. Or he could have picked up the cover of The Times in a web print because the newspaper used to save its covers on WebArchives. Either way, researchers point out that Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin from the US or the UK.

The doubt could be eternal unless Satoshi one day returns and explains the mystery. For the founder of BitMEX, the creator of Bitcoin is already dead.