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Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Posted by admin on 25. Oktober 2022
Posted in Bitmain 

If you want to know more about Bitcoin Billionaire, this review will help find the answers. We’ll cover the trading platform’s fees, minimum deposit requirements, safety and security of funds, and help you decide whether this bot is the right choice for you.

Bitcoin Billionaire at a Glance

Type Crypto Trading Platform
Minimum Deposit $250
Leveraged Trading Yes
Withdrawal Time 1-2 Business Days
Mobile App No
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC

What is Bitcoin Billionaire?

What is Bitcoin BillionaireBitcoin Billionaire can be described as a cryptocurrency and bitcoin platform that can complete a wide range of market transactions in the market of cryptocurrency for clients.

In addition the reviews are not all positive and we recommend you exercise caution when making investments with Bitcoin Billionaire.

Bitcoin Billionaire Services

Bitcoin Billionaire offers users the possibility of the trading of bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. It allows investors to take only a few minutes a day, set a few fundamental guidelines for investing using the software, and then let the system to trade for the investor’s behalf.

Importantly, since Bitcoin Billionaire is not authorized to take money from clients, it demands every user to establish an account for trading online with an intermediary broker. The broker, authorized to purchase and sell digital currencies in the country of the customer is connected to the Bitcoin Billionaire’s software to process all orders on the market for cryptocurrency.

What is Bitcoin Billionaire work?

Beginning using Bitcoin Billionaire requires a fairly straightforward registration process and setting up an account for trading bitcoin online. For this rather than finding an online broker that grants an access point to market data, users could utilize Bitcoin Billionaire for that. With that in mind let’s look at the ways you can start trading using Bitcoin Billionaire:

Step 1: Register

The first thing to do is visit Bitcoin Billionaire’s official website and sign up for an account for trading. In order to do this you’ll have to input your name, first and last as well as email address and phone number. After that, click the button ‚Register Now.


Cryptoassets are extremely volatile and unregulated investment options. There is no EU investor protection is provided. Cryptocurrencies are not regulated. The trading of unregulated brokers is not eligible for protection of investors.

Step 2. Create an account through a Third-Party Broker

As we have mentioned before, Bitcoin Billionaire is not an officially registered broker, and therefore, it is not authorized to take funds from its users. This means that the software provider sends you to one its partners brokers, which allows you to open an account and make deposits.

When you click the „Register Now“ click, Bitcoin Billionaire will immediately identify a licensed broker in your area. Although online reviews confirm that the majority of Bitcoin Billionaire partner brokers are legitimate and licensed We recommend that you do an investigation of this broker, and verify the regulations of the broker as well as their security measures for your money.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Once your account is acknowledged by the partner broker and you are able to make additional funds available to your balance. Bitcoin Billionaire requires you to make a minimum deposit of PS250 before you can to utilize its software. This is possible by using some of the deposit options that the broker offers. Be aware that you’ll have the ability to test the trading system using trades on paper which means that you do not have to put your money at risk until you can determine if the algorithm’s performance.

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin and Activate the Software

Then you are able to enable the program. If everything goes well with the demo account you can enable Live trading and let the program to begin searching the market. While it’s completely automated however, we suggest that you monitor the performance of the trading robot and make any needed adjustments if necessary.

Bitcoin Billionaire Claimed Success Rates

In contrast to the majority of cryptocurrency trading bots, Bitcoin Billionaire does not provide a effectiveness rate, nor its potential earnings each week or day. Furthermore than that, it doesn’t provide a guarantee of the results, but it does state that the majority of its clients are happy with their experience trading using bitcoin. Bitcoin Billionaire system.

Client Testimonials

It’s the same story, Bitcoin Billionaire doesn’t offer many details like live results or testimonials from clients through its official website. The homepage does contain lots of details regarding the team, the technology, and the potential for investors who are new.

Bitcoin Billionaire Fees

Bitcoin Billionaire simply offers anyone the opportunity to use their software at a cost or no cost, which means you are able to donate to the team should you want, but you will also utilize the system for free. In actual the only requirement users have to satisfy before they can use the software is to make a deposit of PS250.

Although this might not be evident at first glance there are many automated cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Evolution use the same structure. They will likely receive an income from the third-party broker that acquires new clients and completes thousands of transactions per day for the Bitcoin Billionaire’s clients.

Is Bitcoin Billionaire a Scam?

Bitcoin Billionaire claims that a large portion of its customers are extremely happy with their experience trading with the software robot. When comparing Bitcoin Billionaire against other tools for trading and services, it is more trustworthy. It features an About Us page, contact form, and other important information about the terms of trade and privacy policies. Additionally it provides a vital warning on its website which states that using this software carries a possibility of total or partial losses of funds.

When we review the reviews posted online and read the reviews, it is apparent the Bitcoin Billionaire has been widely positively assessed. But, we are unable to determine if this business is 100% legitimate because of the lack of regulations and the comments of people who claimed to have lost money with the software. The only way to know whether the robot is genuine and works is to test it. However, we warn you that it is a risky form of investment, and as therefore, you shouldn’t invest more than you are able to risk losing.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile , unregulated investment options. There is no EU protection of investors. Cryptocurrencies have no regulation. Brokers that are not regulated won’t be eligible as a protection for investors.

Bitcoin Billionaire on Desktop & Mobile App

Users have access to this Bitcoin Billionaires application via a web browser. The robot currently does not have either a mobile or desktop application. However, this isn’t an issue because once you sign up to Bitcoin Billionaire, you’ll be immediately connected into one of the broker partners that usually offer an app for mobile devices and a professionally-designed trading platform.

Bitcoin Billionaire Payments & Withdrawal

The withdrawal and payment process on Bitcoin Billionaire is under the control of your broker partner. As stated earlier, Bitcoin Billionaire is not authorized to handle clients‘ funds, and has to move all client accounts over to an approved brokerage that manages client funds. The payment methods offered may differ based on the specific broker that is assigned in your region. However, the vast majority of brokers who work together with Bitcoin Billionaire accept popular payment options like credit or debit cards as well as bank wire transfer, PayPal, and other electronic payment options.

Bitcoin Billionaire Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin Billionaire maintains a minimum deposit of PS250. This is the minimum that every user must fulfill to be able to utilize the software’s algorithmic trading.

Bitcoin Billionaire Customer Support

Bitcoin Billionaire offers one communication way to get in touch with the support team via an on-line form. To reach them it is easy to go to the website and click ‚Contact Us‘ on the top and at the bottom on the webpage.

Übertragung von Fotos vom Laptop auf das iPhone mit/ohne iTunes

Posted by admin on 20. Dezember 2021
Posted in iPhone 

Vielleicht haben Sie Tausende von Urlaubsfotos auf Ihrem Laptop gespeichert und möchten einige davon mit Ihren handlichen iOS-Geräten, wie dem neuen iPhone 12 oder iPhone 11, synchronisieren. So dass Sie sie auf Ihrem Gerät genießen können.

Wenn Sie nachgeforscht haben, wie man Fotos (Videos) vom Laptop auf das iPhone überträgt, werden Sie vielleicht feststellen, dass iTunes der typische Weg ist. Allerdings ist die iTunes-Synchronisierung für neue Benutzer kompliziert, und es kann die vorherigen Fotos auf Ihrem iOS-Gerät zu löschen. In diesem Beitrag bieten wir Ihnen auch eine Nicht-iTunes-Methode zur Übertragung von Fotos vom Laptop auf das iPhone ohne iTunes, die jeden Windows-Laptop, Samsung, DELL oder Mac unterstützt.

Wie überträgt man Bilder vom Laptop auf das iPhone ohne iTunes?

Wie kann ich Fotos von meinem Laptop auf mein iPhone übertragen, ohne iTunes zu verwenden? Um Fotos vom Laptop auf das iPhone ohne iTunes zu übertragen, können Sie AnyTrans ausprobieren. Es ist ein umfassender iPhone-Datenmanager. Werfen Sie einen kurzen Blick auf die wichtigsten Funktionen zum Übertragen von Fotos (iOS 15 und iPhone 13 werden unterstützt).

Laden Sie AnyTrans zunächst kostenlos auf Ihren Laptop herunter. Dann folgen Sie den einfachen Schritten unten, um Fotos vom Computer auf das iPhone in wenigen Minuten zu übertragen:

1. Ziehen Sie Fotos per Drag and Drop direkt vom Laptop auf das iPhone

Schritt 1. Verbinden Sie das iPhone mit dem Laptop und ziehen Sie die Dateien auf das iPhone

Öffnen Sie AnyTrans auf Ihrem Laptop und verbinden Sie das iPhone über ein USB-Kabel mit dem Laptop > Wählen Sie den Gerätemanager > Bewegen Sie die Maus über das iPhone und tippen Sie auf +.

Schritt 2. Bilder auf dem Laptop zum Übertragen auswählen

Wählen Sie Fotos von Ihrem Computer aus und öffnen Sie sie. Die Fotos werden sofort auf Ihr iPhone übertragen.

2. Einzelne Dateien oder Fotoordner unter Verwaltung zum iPhone hinzufügen

Abgesehen von den oben genannten Möglichkeiten, können Sie mit AnyTrans auch iPhone-Dateien nach Belieben verwalten.

Öffnen Sie AnyTrans und klicken Sie auf „Gerätemanager“ > Tippen Sie auf die Kategorie „Fotos“ > Dann werden Ihre Fotos in Kategorien wie unten aufgelistet > Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche „Hinzufügen“, hier können Sie einzelne Dateien oder den gesamten Fotoordner zum Verschieben auswählen. Außerdem können Sie auf die Schaltfläche Zum PC/zum Gerät klicken, mit der Sie Fotos zum PC/zu einem anderen iDevice auswählen können.

Fotos mit iTunes vom Laptop auf das iPhone übertragen

Mit iTunes können Sie sowohl unter Windows als auch unter Mac Fotos vom Laptop auf Ihr iPhone übertragen. Im Folgenden wird beschrieben, wie Sie mit iTunes Fotos von Ihrem Laptop auf Ihr iPhone übertragen können:

Starten Sie iTunes und verbinden Sie Ihr iPhone mit Ihrem Laptop.
Klicken Sie auf das iPhone-Symbol in iTunes.
Klicken Sie in der rechten Leiste auf „Fotos“.
Klicken Sie im Menü „Fotos“ auf die Option „Fotos synchronisieren von“.
Wählen Sie den Ordner, den Sie übertragen möchten > Wählen Sie die Option „Ausgewählte Ordner“.
Klicken Sie auf „Übernehmen“, um die Übertragung der Fotos von Ihrem Laptop auf Ihr iPhone zu starten.



Mit Windows 10 können Sie Ihr System in den Ruhezustand versetzen oder es in den Ruhezustand versetzen. Ältere Windows-Versionen hatten diese beiden Optionen ebenfalls. Sie können in den Energiesparplan-Einstellungen von Windows 10 sowohl die Option „Ruhezustand“ als auch die Option „Ruhezustand“ im Menü des Netzschalters ausblenden.

Wenn Sie die Option für den Ruhezustand in den Energiesparplan-Einstellungen nicht sehen, liegt das möglicherweise daran, dass der Ruhezustand deaktiviert ist. Wenn der Ruhezustand deaktiviert ist, wird die Option vollständig aus der Benutzeroberfläche entfernt. Sie wird nicht als ausgegraute Option angezeigt. Stattdessen sieht es einfach so aus, als würde sie nicht existieren. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie die fehlende Option für den Ruhezustand in Windows 10 beheben können.

Fehlende Ruhezustandsoption beheben

Sie können den Ruhezustand mit einem Befehl in der Eingabeaufforderung aktivieren. Sie benötigen dazu Administratorrechte. Öffnen Sie die Eingabeaufforderung mit Administratorrechten. Führen Sie den folgenden Befehl aus. Es wird nichts zurückgegeben, aber die Ausführung dauert nur einen Sekundenbruchteil und der Ruhezustand wird aktiviert.

powercfg -h an

Nachdem Sie den Ruhezustand aktiviert haben, öffnen Sie die Energieplanoptionen. Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf das Batteriesymbol und wählen Sie Energieoptionen. Alternativ können Sie auch den Datei-Explorer öffnen und Folgendes in die Adressleiste einfügen.

Systemsteuerung\Hardware und Sound\Energieoptionen

Klicken Sie auf der linken Seite auf die Option Auswählen, was die Stromtasten tun. Klicken Sie auf die Option Einstellungen ändern, die derzeit nicht verfügbar sind. Aktivieren Sie die Option „Ruhezustand“, damit sie im Menü „Energieoptionen“ im Startmenü angezeigt wird.


Wenn Sie den Ruhezustand verwenden, belegt er Speicherplatz auf Ihrer Festplatte. Im Ruhezustand wird der aktuelle Zustand Ihres Systems auf der Festplatte gespeichert. Normalerweise werden dadurch nicht mehr als ein paar GB Festplattenspeicher beansprucht, aber mit der Zeit kann der Speicherplatz erheblich ansteigen. Um dieses Problem zu beheben, können Sie den Ruhezustand ausschalten, woraufhin die Datei gelöscht wird. Sie können den Ruhezustand danach wieder einschalten und den Modus weiter verwenden.

Wenn Sie ohnehin nur wenig Speicherplatz haben, können Sie die Größe der Ruhezustanddatei mit einem Befehl in der Eingabeaufforderung festlegen. Standardmäßig ist sie auf 70% – 75% eingestellt. Mit dem folgenden Befehl können Sie die Größe auf einen anderen Prozentsatz ändern. Der Prozentsatz entspricht dem Ihres Arbeitsspeichers und kann nicht auf weniger als 50 % eingestellt werden. Sie können ihn auf 100 % erhöhen oder auf 50 % reduzieren, aber nicht weniger als das. Wenn der Arbeitsspeicher immer noch zu viel Platz auf Ihrem System beansprucht, sollten Sie den Ruhemodus verwenden oder Ihr System herunterfahren.

Powercfg -h -size prozentuale Größe


Powercfg -h -Größe 55%

What the popular Bitcoin Trader platform is all about

Posted by admin on 19. Dezember 2021
Posted in Phase 

Those who have a lot of experience in the cryptocurrency market can earn very large sums in this area. However, not every investor will become a millionaire overnight – and certainly not if he or she does not have the right knowledge. But it is also possible for laypeople to make an attractive extra income by trading Bitcoin and other currencies, for example. This can work with the provider Bitcoin Trader, where a special bot helps the investor with decisions.

The market for cryptocurrency changes around the clock because the markets are not closed here – unlike on the stock exchange, for example. This makes it doubly useful to rely on special software for trading Bitcoin Trader.

### Logo ###

What the popular Bitcoin Trader platform is all about

The Bitcoin Trader platform provides a robot that has been fed with a lot of data about markets around the world. Programmers have made sure that there is an algorithm that evaluates this data and draws its conclusions from it. The corresponding calculations are used to roughly estimate whether the price of a currency is more likely to rise or tend to fall. Investors who have invested money in the cryptocurrency and let the bot trade for them fully automatically benefit from this.

The software is designed in such a way that all trades are executed without any human intervention. This saves beginners a lot of time, which they would otherwise need to read up on the subject and gradually gain their first experience. This important step can be omitted if investors want to rely completely on the bot.

### Kenzahlen ###

The team behind the provider

Edwin James is officially the leader behind the team at Bitcoin Trader. He is very knowledgeable about all topics related to finance as well as cryptocurrency and has incorporated his knowledge accordingly. He was motivated to invent Bitcoin Trader by the fact that he himself has had great success and would like to share this with other people. In this context, the founder is particularly concerned about all those people who are not yet so familiar with the subject.

### 3 steps ###

Opinions on the Bitcoin Trader bot

Many people still believe that you can earn a lot of money primarily through hard work. This may be true in some cases, but it can’t hurt to earn a little extra money by trading cryptocurrency. Of course, there is also a lot of hard work behind the development of the software. However, the founder has already done this for the users in advance. More and more investors are recognising this and using the popular bot for their own purposes.

Advantages and disadvantages, especially with Bitcoin Trader

The fact that automated trading is made possible in this uncomplicated way with the help of modern technologies is perhaps the biggest advantage of this provider per se. But there are numerous other plus points. These include, for example, the fact that trading via the platform works transparently. This means that investors can monitor and understand the actions at any time. Above all, receipts and payouts can always be precisely offset.

Both smartphones and tablets and PCs or laptops are supported. In this way, trading remains possible throughout the day – and quite conveniently on the move and at home or in the office.

The various payment methods available are also a great advantage. Among other things, the deposit can be made via a credit card, via a virtual provider or otherwise.

The only disadvantage, especially with Bitcoin Trader, is that the user cannot explicitly choose a broker. Instead, it is automatically assigned by the system.

Final conclusion on Bitcoin Trader

Tests have shown that it is a reputable and pleasant provider that is very user-friendly. In comparison with other bots, Bitcoin Trader also performs well. It is very likely a legitimate bot that offers everything modern investors could want from a bot these days.

Buying bitcoin is not very popular with finance executives

Posted by admin on 24. Februar 2021
Posted in Bitcoin 

A survey found that only 5% of executives in the financial sector want to hold bitcoin this year. 84% even completely reject Bitcoin. One of the reasons given by those surveyed was the volatility of the cryptocurrency.

The US market research company Gartner carried out the survey in February 2021. 77 executives from financial companies were surveyed, including 50 CFOs (chief financial officers).

What do executives say about Bitcoin?

84% (figures rounded) of the respondents stated that they never wanted to keep Bitcoin (BTC) as an asset in their company.

Only 16% said they were generally willing to incorporate Bitcoin into their company’s financial strategy. They didn’t seem to be in a hurry, however, as only 5% were willing to buy Bitcoin later this year. 1% of the participants referred to the years 2022 or 2023 for their acceptance of Bitcoin. 9% wanted to take even more time and buy Bitcoin only in 2024 or even later.

In view of the fact that Bitcoin currently seems to be storming from one all-time high to the next, the result is surprising. In addition, more and more large financial institutions are discovering Bitcoin for themselves and investing considerable sums. So why are the executives surveyed by Gartner so skeptical?

The reasons for the Bitcoin skepticism

In the survey, respondents were also able to state the reasons for their decision, although multiple answers were possible.

A full 84% said that the financial risk was too great because of Bitcoin’s volatility. 39% cited risk aversion on their respective board members.

38% of the respondents explained their rejection by saying that Bitcoin was being accepted too slowly as a means of payment or exchange. 32% had regulatory doubts.

A full 30% said they lacked the necessary skills or knowledge. After all, 25% said they were skeptical about cyber risks.

Alexander Bant from Gartner explained:

There are a multitude of unresolved issues with using Bitcoin as a corporate asset. It is unlikely that the assumption will rise quickly until we have more clarity on these challenges.

Watch the Bitcoin price from the sidelines

According to Bant, the visibly risk-averse attitude of the respondents stems from their professional role:

Finance executives whose job it is to ensure financial stability are usually not prone to speculative ventures in uncharted territory.

The example and profits of the more daring companies do not seem to be an incentive either.

Ethereum’s realised cap reached new all-time highs this month, indicating that newcomers are accumulating ETH

From the beginning of January to the present, Ethereum’s realised cap has risen almost 50%, touching new all-time highs above $70 billion, according to CoinMetrics.

The data shows that Ethereum’s realized cap has more than tripled after falling below $25 billion during the „Black Thursday“ crash in March 2020.

Realized cap of Ethereum
Realized cap of Ethereum. Source: CoinMetrics
The realised cap metric calculates the supply value of a crypto asset based on the time of each unit’s last on-chain move. The indicator aims to estimate the price actually paid for each ETH in circulation, instead of simply multiplying the current price by the total supply as the market cap does. However, the realised cap cannot take into account coins that are only traded on centralised exchanges and do not move on-chain.

The indicator is designed to address the issue of lost or abandoned coins by ignoring their increase in value since the last time each unit was moved on-chain.

By eliminating the fluctuating capitalisation of dormant coins, the realised cap offers a signal to detect when new capital is entering a given market. CoinMetrics says that a large number of new investors may have bought long-dated whale stocks in ETH during the January bull market.

Furthermore, the report highlights a 5% spike in the number of Ethereum addresses containing more than 10,000 Ether, with 1,241 wallets currently equivalent to $13.8 million or more. Therefore, CoinMetrics concludes that „institutional investors are starting to buy ETH.“

Ethereum’s realised cap growth appears to have outperformed that recorded last year by Bitcoin. On 15 December, Glassnode reported that BTC’s realised cap has grown by 50% since the beginning of 2020. CoinMetrics data indicates that Ethereum has seen an 85% increase over the same period.

Currently, the Blockchain Center’s Flippening Index estimates that Ethereum has gone 71% of the way to overtaking Bitcoin on eight key metrics, a new all-time high for the indicator.

The index shows that Ethereum has already overtaken Bitcoin in terms of fees and number of transactions, and estimates that transaction volume and number of nodes are 99% and 97% higher than BTC, respectively.

Bitcoin zieht sich weiter zurück, da es Unterstützung in Höhe von rund 30.000 US-Dollar fand.

Ethereum hat ein neues Allzeithoch erreicht.

Die Welligkeit konsolidiert sich weiter in einem Dreiecksmuster

Der gesamte Kryptomarkt hat diese Woche gemischte Signale gesehen. Der Marktführer dieser Woche war Ethereum, das mehr als 15 Prozent zulegte und ein neues Allzeithoch erreichte. Die starke Performance von Chainlink setzte sich fort, das nach einem kurzen Retracement auch ein neues Allzeithoch knapp unter 26 USD erreichte.

Wöchentliche Kryptopreisvorhersage: Märkte, die diese Woche wieder nach unten tendieren?

In unserem kürzlich erschienenen Artikel wurde erwähnt, dass institutionelle Anleger nicht ausreichen, um den Bitcoin-Markt zu retten . Dies scheint derzeit zuzutreffen, da der Markt insgesamt erweitert wird. Bei den meisten großen Münzen bilden sich jedoch langsam Retracements. Dies deutet wahrscheinlich darauf hin, dass die Anleger derzeit konservativ sind, da der Sprung in einen Markt, der sich bisher erweitert hat, so schnell ein Spiel mit hohem Risiko darstellt.

Werfen wir einen Blick auf einige der Entwicklungen, die Bitcoin und die wichtigsten Altcoins in der vergangenen Woche hatten

BTC / USD 4-Stunden-Chart – auf der Suche nach einem Sprung und einem neuen Tief

Unsere letzte Bitcoin-Preisprognose erwähnte, wie BTC derzeit darum kämpft, seine Aufwärtsdynamik aufrechtzuerhalten. Dies spiegelt sich deutlich in der Grafik wider. Bitcoin hat letzte Woche ein klares Tief bei 30.000 USD erreicht, nachdem es im Januar zweimal ein niedrigeres Hoch gesetzt hatte. Der erste war am 19. und der zweite am 15. Januar.

Seit Bitcoin mit 30.000 USD ein niedrigeres Tief erreicht hat, ist der Preis für BTC / USD weiterhin langsam nach oben zurückgegangen. Bisher wurde eine wichtige frühere Unterstützung von 34.000 US-Dollar als Widerstand getestet.

Wenn Bitcoin Anzeichen einer Ablehnung für einen weiteren Aufwärtstrend zeigt, könnten wir diese Woche einen weiteren Schritt sehen, um ein weiteres niedrigeres Tief zu erreichen. Dies würde weitere Panik auf dem Markt auslösen, da Preisbewegungen, die mehrere niedrigere Tiefs und niedrigere Hochs setzen, ein klares Signal für den Bärenmarkt sind.

Aus diesem Grund geht der Analyst davon aus, dass Bitcoin diese Woche weitere Abwärtsbewegungen verzeichnen wird, und Händler könnten nach einem Short-Position-Eintrag in Bezug auf das aktuelle Preisniveau suchen.

ETH / USD 4-Stunden-Chart – Testen des Widerstands in der Nähe des Allzeithochs

In der Preisprognose von Ethereum wurde bereits erwähnt, dass die ETH / USD ein neues Allzeithoch von 1.467 USD erreicht hat, da die Wechselkursabflüsse ansteigen . Das Allzeithoch wurde jedoch schnell wieder unter den Widerstand von 1.440 USD gedrückt. Wenn Ethereum weitere Aufwärtsbewegungen ablehnt, wird der Markt wahrscheinlich für einige Zeit keine weitere Aufwärtsbewegung sehen.

Daher könnten wir diese Woche einen weiteren Rückgang für Ethereum sehen. Ein potenzielles Ziel für die Unterstützung liegt weiterhin bei rund 1.100 USD. Bei Erreichen des aktuellen Preisniveaus würde Ethereum mehr als 20 Prozent verlieren.

Eine geringere Unterstützung zwischen dem aktuellen Preis und der Unterstützung von 1.100 USD liegt bei 1.250 USD. Dieses Niveau steht auch im Konflikt mit dem gleitenden Durchschnitt von 100 Perioden.

Insgesamt ist die Preisprognose für Ethereum für diese Woche ziemlich bärisch. Die rückläufigen Entwicklungen für den Bitcoin-Preis dürften Bitcoin noch weiter nach unten ziehen.

Satoshi Nakamoto bryter ut det första Bitcoin-blocket för 12 år sedan idag.

Bryter ut det första Bitcon-blocket den 3 januari 2009

Sedan Satoshi Nakamoto bryter ut det första Bitcon-blocket den 3 januari 2009 har kryptotillgången lett till betydande vinster för investerare med tanke på dess meteoriska uppgång bara den senaste veckan.

Priset på Bitcoin (BTC) nådde paritet med den amerikanska dollarn för nästan tio år sedan idag, en milstolpe som många hyllade som ytterligare ett steg mot adoption. Med Bitcoin som för närvarande fluktuerar mellan $ 32.000 och $ 34.000, är dock priset på kryptovalutan nu detsamma som för en modell 3 Tesla, som säljs för mer än $ 30.000.

Institutionella spelare med miljoner som köper Bitcoin får också miljardärsstatus bara några dagar fram till 2021. Business intelligence-företaget MicroStrategys Bitcoin-satsning från augusti och september lönar sig bra, med den ursprungliga investeringen på 425 miljoner dollar som nu är värt mer än 1,2 miljarder dollar vid tiden för offentliggörande.

Om vi ​​antar att Teslas VD Elon Musk fortfarande håller på med sin 0,25 BTC, är miljardärens kryptoportfölj nu värt cirka 8 100 $, med Bitcoins börsvärde på biltillverkarens. Enligt uppgifter från AssetDash är Bitcoin nu den nionde största tillgången efter marknadsvärde på 611 miljarder dollar efter e-handelsjätten Alibaba och Tesla.

Den 1125 150 BTC som är ansluten till

Den 1125 150 BTC som är ansluten till Satoshi Nakamoto har under tiden värderats till mycket mer än 1 miljard dollar under en tid. Den nuvarande tjurkörningen gör emellertid Bitcoin-skaparen till de 40 rikaste människorna i världen, med sina innehav värda cirka 37 miljarder dollar – strax efter den brittiska affärsmannen Len Blavatnik enligt Bloomberg-miljardärindexet.

Eftersom priset på Bitcoin bryter ny mark för varje dag som går har intresset för sociala medier också satt nya rekord. Enligt Josh Frank från The TIE har den totala tweetvolymen om Bitcoin passerat den för tjurkörningen 2017 för att nå 140 000, med mer än 70 000 unika Twitter-handtag som publicerar om kryptotillgången.

Vid tidpunkten för publiceringen är priset på Bitcoin $ 32780, vilket har stigit med 21% under de senaste sju dagarna. Kryptovalutan passerade $ 34700 för att nå en ny heltidshöjd tidigare i dag.

Fondo per la piscina mineraria: Un sontuoso regalo per gli amici

Proprio mentre il bitcoin ha raggiunto il suo nuovo massimo storico di circa 28.700 dollari alla fine di dicembre dello scorso anno, diversi stock di bitcoin minerari sono saliti a nuovi livelli, suggerendo così che l’attività mineraria sta diventando un business molto più redditizio e che la valuta digitale numero uno al mondo è più redditizia che mai.

Le società minerarie Bitcoin stanno crescendo come mai prima d’ora

Circa una settimana fa, le azioni di società come Riot Blockchain e Marathon Patent Group hanno registrato i loro picchi più alti degli ultimi anni. La sensazione è che ora che il bitcoin sta raggiungendo nuovi picchi in termini di prezzo, le attrezzature minerarie stanno diventando non solo più difficili da produrre, ma anche estremamente difficili da ottenere.

Il fatto è che sempre più persone entrano nel settore minerario, il che rende difficile per i neofiti mettere le mani sulle macchine da miniera di cui avranno bisogno per estrarre nuove monete e farsi un nome nel settore.

Sappiamo tutti cosa succede quando qualcosa diventa più raro. Diventa più preziosa, e questo sembra essere il caso delle attrezzature minerarie. Data la scarsità, il valore di queste attrezzature sta aumentando come mai prima d’ora, e quindi le azioni delle società minerarie di crypto stanno subendo enormi spinte.

Le azioni di Riot sono aumentate di circa il 18 per cento nell’arco di 24 ore. Inizialmente, queste azioni hanno chiuso a poco più di 13 dollari ciascuna alla vigilia di Natale 2020, anche se la settimana successiva, le azioni di Riot Blockchain sono state vendute per circa 15,49 dollari. Marathon ha avuto incrementi ancora più grandi, saltando il 28% e vendendo per circa 14 dollari al momento della scrittura.

Marathon sta cercando di capitalizzare il suo nuovo status di grande impresa mineraria e ha annunciato che sta cercando di acquistare ben 70.000 nuove macchine Antminer dalla Bitmain, probabilmente la più grande società mineraria del mondo. L’acquisto dovrebbe costare fino a 170 milioni di dollari al momento della stampa e porterà il numero di macchine nelle operazioni di Marathon a più di 103.000.

Riot ha piani notevolmente più piccoli, ma sta ancora cercando di rendere disponibile un maggior numero di attrezzature. L’azienda ha annunciato che acquisterà ben 15.000 nuove macchine per l’estrazione mineraria come mezzo per mantenere bassi i costi di estrazione e mantenere un vantaggio competitivo duraturo per l’azienda.

L’aggiunta alle loro operazioni come attrezzatura diventa rara

Tra le altre aziende che hanno visto aumentare le loro azioni minerarie c’è Clean Spark, che dice che le sue azioni sono aumentate di ben il 16% all’inizio della scorsa settimana. L’azienda sta anche cercando di acquistare circa 1.000 nuove macchine minerarie.

Si stima che, a seguito del recente aumento dei prezzi, la bitcoin richieda ora tanta energia quanto un paese che ospita 200 milioni di persone. Allo stato attuale, circa due terzi della produzione di bitcoin deriva dalle operazioni cinesi, mentre gli Stati Uniti sono al secondo posto e rappresentano circa il sette per cento di tutta la produzione di bitcoin.

XRP Investors Take Legal Action Over SEC Charges

Posted by admin on 4. Januar 2021
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XRP investors have filed a petition against the SEC citing irreparable harm.

The petitioners believe the SEC is not looking out for the best interests of investors by declaring XRP to be a security.

The value of XRP has fallen by more than 50% since the SEC brought charges against Ripple Labs and two of its executives.

For almost every common cryptocurrency available in the market, 2020 has been a big year. For the most part, 2021 looks very promising, but XRP is not.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially tasked Ripple Labs and two of its executives with selling more than $ 1 billion in unregistered securities. Today, former investors are suing the SEC in turn. It appears that XRP holders do not approve of the token being labeled as a security by the SEC and therefore are suing the government for the harm caused to them by these charges.

What does their legal action involve?

XRP investors who filed the petition say the SEC is not doing its best to protect U.S. investors . These investors argue in the first bullet that stating that XRP is a security is in fact serving the interests of investors. This result is the opposite of what the SEC claims to do.

In its second point, the petition states:

As chairman of the SEC, it was Jay Clayton (Clayton’s) fiduciary duty to uphold the SEC’s mission statement. Instead of protecting investors and sharing information to help them make informed decisions, the defendant knowingly and intentionally caused losses of billions of dollars to innocent investors who bought, traded, received and / or acquired the XRP digital asset, including named plaintiffs, and all others in a similar situation.

Complainants say the SEC has had nearly seven years to make an official statement or work with Ripple Lab and its executives. This delay, they say, was more than enough time for the government to act. In their eyes, it is unfair that the SEC is making these accusations now. Worse yet, this action cost investors billions of dollars in “unnecessary” losses.

The petition also claims that Jay Clayton, the head of the SEC, acted for improper motives and subjected Ripple Labs and XRP to irreparable harm. They point out that the SEC considers Bitcoin and Ether not to be securities, and argue that the same is true for XRP. They thus believe that the SEC should consider the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization (now fourth according to Coin Gecko, a cryptocurrency market capitalization aggregator) as not being a security. In addition, they cite the use of XRP as „currency“ with over 150 applications and commercial consumption.

What is XRP?

XRP is the cryptocurrency created by Ripple, an enterprise blockchain platform intended to facilitate payments and fund transfers. The Ripple network claims to be able to conduct international transactions instantly for a fraction of the cost of the traditional money transfer system.

Until recently, Ripple has partnered with many banks. XRP was listed on almost every cryptocurrency exchange before the charges were brought against Ripple. Following this announcement, many partners and exchanges suspended their services until everything was legally settled with Ripple.